Wednesday, April 6, 2016



I was ready for something that didn't require multiple risings and many steps, and these Sacaduros fit the bill. I made the full recipe of Basic Hearth Bread Dough, mostly because I was too lazy to do the math for 75%. I felt confident that the extra 25% wouldn't go to waste. Afterall, butter, salt and Daniel Boulud felt like a sure thing. I was right. 
Making these Sacaduros was a treat for me and even though the dough didn't unfold like it was suppose to, I still enjoyed the deep buttery and salty flavours. I think they didn't unfold because I kept the dough a bit too sticky while shaping the rolls.
The Sacarduros are best when fresh out of the oven because that's when they are the easiest to eat and the most addictive. The next day, the hard crust softened and they became a bit too chewy. Still the butter and salt was really enjoyable.
Here's how it was making the Sacaduros:


This dough starter took a good deal of water, more than usual. It was no problem really, but I took notice of how loose it was.
Dough starter for the Basic Hearth Bread
I also enjoy seeing the dough starter heave the flour blanket and crack it like it's the earth's mantel or something. Stand back!
The flour blanket being pushed up by the dough starter


 I used the Kitchen Aid for this recipe since my back was acting up.  I didn't let it rise, I just used the dough right away. I think this was correct.
The sacaduro dough just after it was mixed.


I cut the cubes of butter and readied the Fleur de Sel
The cubes of butter are ready
weighed the dough pieces to approximately 33 grams each and began to shape each roll.
Beginning to cut the dough for Sacaduros
The dough stuck to itself very easily, but I was confused as to how many times to pull the dough. The instructions said to pull 3 times, but the picture showed pulling 4 times. I pulled the dough 4 times as it seemed to make the most sense in the moment.  
4 pulls to shape the Sacaduro
The Sacaduros in the flour bed
The Sacaduros on the tray


I found that they came to temperature very quickly, well before they browned, so I left them in the oven until they became crusty. The internal temp went well past 190F, and that is probably why the next day they became dry and chewy.
I really like how the butter oozed out of the baked Sacaduros
Sacaduros. Delicious.