Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Touch of Grace Biscuits

Touch of Grace Biscuits
Photo by Patricia at ButterYum

Is it a biscuit? Is it a scone? Should it be sweet? Is it too tender? These were some of the questions asked by the Alpha Bakers this month concerning the Touch of Grace Biscuits. Rose's biscuits were inspired by Shirley Corriher whom she calls the Queen of Southern Biscuits. Heavy cream or buttermilk? Butter or shortening? More questions. I think it's safe to say that with all the questions about these biscuits that most of the Bakers liked them.

Of course they weren't without their problems though. Vicki liked the light texture and even made them into strawberry shortcakes. A little dark on the top but that adds texture, right?

Nancy wrote an awesome post comparing Shirley Corriher's recipe to Rose's recipe. No problems in Nancy's kitchen and she even made Cherry-Chambord butter to go with them.

This was the second time around making these for Marie. The last time was in 2006. How do I know this? She has a picture of the 10 year old bag of flour that she probably used the first time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has out dated ingredients in my pantry. For Marie, the biscuits were hard to describe. Were they soft, fluffy, tender, too tender? All in all, she prefers the more traditional biscuits.

Patricia's came out just beautiful. That's why I chose her picture for the post. She described them as a little sweet but she opted for the cream instead of the buttermilk. Her final verdict? Pretty good!

A couple of the Alpha Bakers went a little above and beyond. Kristina made her own self rising flour. Rose gives a variation in the book for doing that. Although Kristina thought the biscuits were weird looking, they were tasty and didn't even need any butter. Catherine was one that was questioning whether it was a scone or a biscuit. She also made her own sour milk. I've always wanted to try that. She also liked them and served them as part of a (loosely) Middle Eastern spread. I want to have dinner at her little house on the prairie!

Faithy decided to cut the recipe in half and thought they were pretty good biscuits. She preferred them when they were cooled calling them "just right".

My favorite post was from Michele. She literally has a lot of grace in her life. Not just biscuits. Her grandmother, her aunt, her cousin, and her good friend are all named Grace. Wow! She described the biscuits like her cousin, Grace - tender, sweet without being sugary, a pleasure, and leave you wanting more. Great description.

I would also like to have dinner at Kim's house. BBQ chicken and biscuits - my mouth is watering right now. Kim appreciated the simplicity of the recipe and was able to use a very old ice cream scoop that was her grandfather's. She thought they were delicious!

If there were an award for baking not matter what, it would go to Elle. She just had a baby in April, an adorable baby girl. Having a baby wasn't going to stop Elle from making the biscuits. She might have had to concentrate a little more but had no problems with the recipe. Although the dough might have rested a bit longer than it needed to since there was an interruption called baby done with nap time. Elle thought the biscuits were scrumptious and her eldest daughter wants them again - tomorrow!

Another month in the books and I think it was a successful bake. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to make them since I was recovering from cataract surgery but they are definitely on my to do list. Next month we will be baking the Ricotta Loaf.



  1. You're welcome for dinner anytime Glori. Nice roundup!

    1. Thanks Kim! Actually anything cooked on the grill is fine by me!

  2. Great recap! Reading about these biscuits makes me a bit nostalgic for them.

  3. Excellent round up, Glori. Thanks for doing this!

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