Monday, February 22, 2016

Pretzel Bread Roundup

Marie B. of Feeling Foodish Pretzel Bread Photo

This soft pretzel recipe seemed to conjure childhood memories for those who made them. For me, it was the streets of NYC and at the summer fairs, and for others, it was soft pretzels at school. 

Using lye (sodium hydroxide) made the best of us apprehensive. After all, danger loomed and it seemed disconcerting to actually ingest the stuff, but I think we took a leap of faith since we’ve all eaten pretzels before that had been dipped in lye,without any known effects. Even the best boulangeries use lye to make their expert pretzels taste authentic, so why not us!

Marie B. (Feeling Foodish) recalled the soft pretzel from her childhood—warm pretzels from Val, the pretzel vendor at grade school, and the hot mustard that was never seemed too hot. She made her pretzels with great expertise, and respect for the lye—the essential ingredient for authentic tasting soft pretzels.

Nancy, Kristina and Elle also made the Pretzel Bread, but haven’t posted at the time this Roundup was written.

The next Bread Baker’s recipe will be New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread page 411. This bread was chosen as a possible Easter bread. I look forward to reading your posts. 

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